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Hassle-Free ERP. From Bestborn Business Solutions Inc.

Harnessing the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV the 1.5 million users, using Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV who enjoy the control and visibility Nav offers to maintain a competative edge, would testify that Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV is the best mid market ERP Available. Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV is Hassle-Free ERP.

DRIVE GROWTH - With improved profitability comes opportunity,Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV will help drive and support your business growth. It's flexible accouting supporting multi-currency in a global economy. We are based in Pittsburgh PA serving Nav (Navision) customers across the country.


LESS "COST" MORE "EFFECTIVE" - Choose the deployment option that works best for your business and increase the flexibility of your IT systems-without increasing IT costs. On premise or in the "CLOUD" - Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV is Hassle-Free ERP.

INCREASED MARGINS - will help by getting the most out of your people and systems. Smarter decisions mean increased profitability, with Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV giving you the right information at the right time, you can maximize profitability.

INCREASED CONTROL - Streamlining your operations and financial processes, real time business intelligence based on accurate and up to date information. Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV will empower you and your people giving you world closs control for a competetive edge.

ITS ABOUT YOU - Its about having more time to do whats important to YOU. Let Bestborn and Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV help you take control of your business, without your business taking control of you!


Hassle-Free ERP. From Bestborn Business Solutions Inc.


Orders move through the system faster. People are happier and less stressed. The benefits are driven by quality-of-life as well as by hard numbers. And that’s good for the business.

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